Greek-Albanian team dug away the island Maligrad

The sharp reactions of Macedonians from the Municipality Pustec discontinued illegal excavations started recently on the island Maligrad in Lake Prespa.

According Spase Mazenkovski, historian, without permission Albanian-Greek group of archaeologists, and two years ago, began archaeological excavations without informing local authorities.

And two years ago the same thing happened.And then after our reaction, excavations were suspended.

Department for Protection of Monuments of Culture in Korcha set up a working group to verify the actual situation on the ground, after notification of the excavations in the municipality Pustec.From the inspection confirmed that the Albanian-Greek archaeologists group does not own proper documentation and that already dug four holes with a length of 5 meters and a depth of 1 meter. Excavations are considered illegal and immediately suspended.

Island Maligrad rich in artifacts from all time:

Three years ago a common Greek-Albanian archaeological expedition discovered tomb Small City with a dozen graves, dating from prehistory to the bronze Byzantine period.In almost all the graves had no inventory. The graves are set in the tomb four parts. Each grave is separated from the other by a wall, and the whole tomb is surrounded by a wall, which is characteristic from the Roman period.

Research has shown that island Maligrad was inhabited since prehistoric times, ie before the king Samuel, where it was his summer palace.

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