On July 11, on Monday, in Pustec Municipality, Mala Prespa held an unforgettable event, in particular charity concert.

This concert was realized by the manager Trajce from Canada who is originally from Pustec. The charity concert performed a number of Macedonian musicians Blagojce Stojanovski-Tushe, Aneta Micevska and group Molika, Spase Matlijoski, Elena Jovcheska, Nikola Kochan, Orkestar Favoriti and Jessica Palashoska.

Manager Trajce said: I have no idea where to start, there are no words that will describe what happened here on this great concert. I can only say that the place simply, burn the Macedonian music. Young people from start to finish were on their feet, amused with love and the best music of our Macedonia. All singers who I asked to attend at this event have laid only two questions: When and Where? From the heart I want to thank everybody that beautification of the craziest night in Pustec.

Tushe give a statement: When I sang, I felt that I have been performing in the heart of Macedonia. The visitors knew all the songs, the village burned by the beautiful atmosphere of Macedonian songs and good mood.

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