In Municipality Pustec withheld ceremony marking the National Macedonian Day Ilinden

In Municipality Pustec withheld ceremony marking the National Macedonian Day Ilinden.There was the famous pop-singer Dimitar Andonovski.

Here is part of welcoming speech from the Mayor of Municipality Pustec Edmond Temelko:

Today we celebrate the Day of the Macedonian struggle for Freedom, 113 years from the Ilinden Uprising and 72 years from the meeting of ASNOM. The ideals of both Ilinden continue to be bearer aspirations of the new generations, not only to extend the dream plead Macedonian activists of Krusevo Republic through ASNOM to this day, but continuing battle to build a prosperous, free and European Macedonians made wherever and in the world.

The history of the struggle for human rights and civil liberties of Macedonians in Albania is long and hard. Although we are in the whole Albania, the government in Tirana has recognized as only in Prespa as Macedonian minority.
We hope that the process of democratization and the Republic of Albania will enable to improve the position and rights of Macedonians and Greeks, Vlachs, Roma, Serbs, Montenegrins and Egyptians.

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