Prespa region described by Italian tourists 2009

Lake Prespa

The center of the Balkans

Prespa Lake is bordering with Albania,Macedonia and Greece, the smallest of the lake of Pogradec (Ohrid) but more fascinating. Over the lake, the whole area is a natural park.

The trip begins to be beautiful from the start. The road winds through a ridge of the valley of Korce and, if the sky is clear, you have a global view of the valley.

Arrived at the step can be found the inevitable bunkers for controlling the pass, and, in addition to those a sign indicating the beginning of the park (honestly I never thought to find it a park neither a sign in English).

The road continues up to a slight slope to open up and show us the lake and the first village "Pustec" (2009: are widening the road). What impressed us was the presence of several donkeys in freedom. Running quietly in the streets and, unfortunately, we found one dead.

The lake is popular for swimming, but there are no supporting equipments. The beach is visited only by locals, by Korcar(turists from Korca) and grazing cows.

The beautiful island of Mali Grad which is seen from the beach, you can see, inside of a cave, an Orthodox church in the fourteenth century. To visit the church must be accompanied by Mr Adam, the caretaker, when we tried we had to pasture with cows. However the island is open to visitors, just ask some fishermen a ride to the island (the price is about € 10).

In order to reach the pier, from the center of the village, we must continue the road on the left of the church (2009: under construction). In front of the pier there is a bar where you can request the necessary information.

Following the path of the pier, asphalted in 2009, you can even closer to the island and discover this little church.

We continued enticed by a newly paved road, but, unfortunately, the road was not completed as continuing gravel road (2009: the road is not finished yet). Patiently and a lot of fun with my SUV. The road was endless; after 20 minutes we were still able to rejoin the lake. Fortunately, the landscape has repaid our efforts.

We passed near Glloboceni and finally we arrived at Gorica (Gorica Dollna). The village seems isolated from the rest of Albania, actually, the locals attending much Macedonia that is closer. Even they were advised to return from there, returning later from Pogradec.

The return was much faster (was in a hurry). I made the most of the horses of the SUV and in 30 minutes I retraced the road before I had traveled in an hour!

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