Italian RAI TV 3 Films Travel Show in Mala Prespa

A crew from Italian national broadcasting channel RAI 3, led by renowned journalist Stefano Marcelli, is filming a travelogue, depicting the historical and cultural heritage in Mala Prespa region, Prespa Lake and Prespa National Park.

The piece is part of the show Mediterraneo and will be aired on RAI 3 as well as on dozen European TV channels, including French channels France 3, France International and TV 5 Monde, Swiss TSI, Greek ERT, Slovenian RTV Slovenija, Jordanian JrTV, Algerian ENTV and other Arabic language channels.

The magazine Makedonium provided logistic support to the RAI 3 crew for the filming, whereas Marcelli gave a brief interview for the magazine.

Mr. Marcelli, you are filming a travel show on Mala Prespa today. How did you find out about Mala Prespa? -Some of my friends have told me about the region. I then went online and found the basic information.

What was your first impression of Mala Prespa? -The landscape is magnificent. Plus, the area was home to an early civilization that had spread throughout the Mediterranean region. Despite the conflicts between ethnicities and nations, locals in Mala Prespa have lived in cohabitation for many years.

The cultural and archeological heritage here does not belong to one country or a community. Visitors here can witness a long-standing legacy thats of paramount importance for the Mediterranean region.

Would you like to send a message? -I have a message I would like to send to politicians. Come visit Mala Prespa, it will be a useful trip for you. You will become aware that the human kind has made so many steps forward.

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