Prespa legends and stories associated with King Samoil

Prespa legends and stories associated with King Samoil

"Among the mountains Petrino, Galichica Suva Gora, Pelister and Bigla Baba extends the beautiful and fertile valley of Prespa centered generous nature to make beautiful, created two lakes rich in fish - two weird mirrors in which centuries are reflected the opposing heights and who happily slipping sun.Not far away from the lake on the road Bitola-Ohrid situated beautiful city of Resen, natural, political, cultural and economic center of Prespa, which in its bosom keep the glory and majesty of Samoil epoch and dear legends bogomils."

Nikola Kirov Majski (1880 - 1962)

The population that lived on the shores of Lake Prespa created during the throughout history many legends and stories which in their own way explained the origin of the lake water, naming the villages, town, region according to certain persons, events and occurrences, and produce their interpretations of historical events. But, given the fact that just Prespa was the center of the powerful Samuil country, the events of that period remained in eternal memory of the numerous generations Prespanci which generations have passed legends and stories about the King. Exactly those legends and traditions are the theme of this article.

Samoils daughter Prespana and Lake Prespa:

In one legend says that King Samoil had a daughter named Prespana that after the death of his father lived in the coastal village of Tsarev Dvor. Her beauty, wisdom and courage were famous for it heard a Byzantine courtier, and according to some indicates it was the King Vasilije. He decided to ask for the hand of Prespana and the whole entourage came to her. Not wishing to become the wife of the opponent of her deceased father, she killed herself by drowning into the lake that it got its name.

Why Prespanskata wears is black?

Contrast to other parts of Macedonia, folk costume in Prespa is predominantly black. Among the people saying that here in the past worn a white dress, but she was replaced by black after the tragic event of the blindness of Samuil soldiers.

Snake Island:

Island Golem Grad often referred by other names like St. Peter, Big Petra and Snake Island. The last derives from the the fact that the island has a large population of snakes, which according to legend were brought by Samoil King to keep his treasure was hidden on the island.

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