Churches in Mala Prespa

Mala Prespa is a place with historical values. Prespa was inhabited since the Neolithic era (7000 BC). Here extends a rich historical and archaeological area as the Neolithic period (7000 BC) "Nabeli" in village Tuminec, underwater habitat of the place called "Staro sello" in village Tuminec from bronze age, the Roman road (2nd century) that connects the village of Dolna Gorica with place "Nabeli". The Wall of Alexander III Macedonian king in mountain pass Qafata " village Zvezda". The cave churches from the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period of 12, 13, 14 and 15 century.

In Prespa region there are many churches and one monastery from different historical times. The most famous values we have are the cave churches from the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period, which are located on the shore of Lake Prespa.

Cave church "St Nicholas" in Pustec:

This cave church is located 3.5 km north of village Pustec on the place called Nakol. This church is dedicated to "St. Nicholas" guardian and protector of the water."Saint Nicolas" was painted in the 19th century.

Cave church "Archangel" not far from village Pustec:

As a final cave church of the Prespa Lake from the Albanian side towards R. Greece is the temple called Arhangelcheto. It is 5 km by boat from village of Pustec, on the southern shore of the lake, this place the local residents called Trstenik. Mural Painting dated from the 12th century.

The cave church "Virgin Mary" Island Maligrad:

Island Maligrad is located about 3 kilometers northeast of village Pustec in the southeast part of the Prespa Lake. In this island is located the cave church of Virgin Mary. In the first article, writes that the founder of the church was Bojko with his wife Evdokia in 1345.

In the second article, he writes that the church was restored in 1369 from the Caesar Nowak, his wife Kali, his son Amir and his daughter Mary. The third inscription dates from 1607, when painted the outside western facade. The interior of the church was completely picturesque and is quite famous for wall paintings from the old Byzantine style.

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