Prespa Cuisine

Special pleasure is to taste the products of Prespa region the fish Krap, Mrena,Belvicite and Cironkite cooked by talented chefs who have their special recipes.The fish Krap, Tava Krap and fried Krapp.Tavata Krap cooked with some liquid and pieces where krap cooking has a special recipe.

Fish Mrena is a special fish in Albania which has only Prespa Lake and is usually cooked fried.

In Prespa Lake you will try and find a lot of species of fish, Krap, Jagula, Mrena, Karasot, Belvica and others. Prespa belvica cironka is cooked fry fresh or dry fry.

For the Prespa cuisine is typical the burek of the region with fish, cottage cheese and eggs or with onions.

Roast meat is another specialty characteristic different from other places outside the region of Korca.

Do not forget to try out the famous wine and brandy from Prespa.

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