Municipality of Pustec - The natural beauty of Mala Prespa

The lakes not measure the time the same way as humans.Region that we call Prespa situated 850 meters above sea level live through unique four seasons in the year where none of time its like with others now and for centuries before.

We are unable to find most savage otherwise identical in Albania neither worldwide.

For the first moment when you dispose your eyes in the peaceful lake you deeply feel this great truth.

Prespa region in Albania belongs to the region of Korca and all the villages in this area belong to the municipality of Pustec.Municipality of Pustec extends to northeastern part of district of Korca.Its territory coincides with aquatic valley of Prespa Lake.It is bordered by mountain ranges separating the lakes valley from the Korca area.Then in west borders from the Ohrid valley with the mountain Suva Gora west and east it borders with Macedonia and the south and south-east with Greece.

The center of the municipality is 25 km distant from the town of Korca.In the municipality of Pustec lives 5,200 residents nationality Macedonians. The municipality is consistent with the National Park Prespa.

Pustec municipality is made up of 9 old villages and a new village which now is formed.The villages are Pustec, Leska, Zrnosko, Cerje, Shulin, Glloboceni, Dollna Gorica, Tuminec, Gorna Gorica and new village Nova Gorica.

Pustec municipality has an average earthly mountain climate. The presence of the lake makes the climate mild in the area around the lakes.

The average annual temperature is 10.6 Celsius average maximum summer temperature is 25 Celsius or the minimum 1-2.

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