Glloboçeni is a village on Lake Prespa in the Pustec Municipality of the Korçë County in Albania.

Glloboçeni is situated on the western shore of the Greater Prespa Lake at an altitude of 879 meters (2884 feet) above sea level. The nearest settlement to the north is Dolna Gorica and to the south is Shulin. The "La Macédoine et sa Population Chrétienne" survey by Dimitar Mishev (D. Brankov) from 1905 shows that the inhabitants of the village of Glloboceni were in the bosom of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

A survey by Georgi Trajcev in 1911 stated the village as having 33 houses and 319 residents.

The French linguist André Mazon, in his study on Slavic folklore in Albania from 1936, noted Glloboceni as a Macedonian village in the region of Mala Prespa. During World War II, 24 of the villages 40 houses were burnt down.

In 2013, the villages official name was changed back from Gollomboç to Glloboçeni.

A 2007 estimate put the villages population at 300 to 350 people.

Glloboçeni is the nearest village to the Church of the Annunciation, a rock church situated on the Lake Prespa shore at an altitude of roughly 25 meters (80 feet). It was established in the 14th century.

Glloboceni has a football club, FK Glloboceni, that competes with other villages in the Prespa area of Pustec.

The majority of the population are ethnic Macedonians.

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